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How will you donation help children?

Gulwali was 13 when he finally reached the UK. His mother had paid people traffickers to take him and his brother from Afghanistan to Europe.  With his father and grandfather already killed in the war by US armed forces and the Taliban pressuring them to become suicide bombers, it was the only way his mother could see to keep her sons alive.  He was split up from his brother almost immediately by smugglers and endured a tortuous journey – he was incarcerated three times, jumped from a speeding train in Bulgaria, nearly breaking both legs, slept rough frequently, and burned by chemicals in a lorry. Your donation will help us train police, guardians and reception centres, who children like Gulwali reach out to for guidance and protection, to better identify children at risk of being trafficked or going missing.

Jason was taken by his mother to Italy from Austria on holiday but his mother then refused to go back to Austria where Jason's father and the family had been residing. Contact was very limited between Jason and his father. Jason soon started to have bad nightmares and was depressed because of the unexpected change in his life, the language he spoke, moving to another school and especially not being able to see his father. Your donation will help us inform families, judges, lawyers and social services of our trained network of cross-border family mediators who are specialised in preventing and resolving cases of parental abduction.

Since the divorce of her parents, Carol was experiencing increasing conflict at home. Unable to talk to her mother, she began to self-harm and befriended a man on facebook who groomed Carol and convinced her to run away with him. Carol's mother then contacted the 116 000 missing children hotline in Hungary to help find her daughter. The hotline worked together with the police and kept Carol's mother informed of the investigation until Carol was found are reunited with her mother. Your donation will go towards ensuring that the network of missing children hotlines are able to provide adequate support to children and families in need anywhere in Europe.